Welcome to your home for outdoor adventure in and around Michigan. You can find and share opportunities to explore new places, discover new activities, or simply enjoy activities that you love. We will host events, such as adventure races, where you can team up with your friends to tackle a ‘timed scavenger hunt’ and meet other great individuals. We encourage you to share your adventures on our facebook page. We also want event directors or organizers to share similar events and opportunities for you on our calendar.

The 2017 Get Your Bearings Adventure Race opens up registration to experienced teams, as well as parent/child teams.  Check out the race page for more info!

So bookmark this page and like us on Facebook… and we’ll see you out in some of the great places around Michigan!

To see video’s reviews of orienteering and navigating in Adventure Races and Orienteering meets, please visit the MI Backyard YouTube channel.

Also visit the MIBackyard.org website for more information on Adventure in Michigan.